Dr. Shalini Dhadwal

Dr Shalini Dhadwal is a Life Coach and a renowned psychotherapist. She completed her Doctorate in Psychology in the Year 2000. She has worked on a WHO project focusing on Adolescent Reproductive Health. She has been associated with many top schools and universities in and around Shimla. She also runs her own counseling center in Shimla.

She specializes in many advanced techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Play Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Photographic Memory etc. She is an international certified Career Counselor and she is also trained to conduct Psychometric tests.

She regularly conducts workshops on the topics Drug abuse, learning disability, Mindfulness, Effective Parenting and Spiritual Quotient etc
Through her warm hearted approach and skill she has made a significant difference in many lives around the world.
Her areas of concern are Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Career counseling, Relationship healing, Goal Achievement, Motivation, Drug Addiction etc.


Cognitive behavioral therapy


Learning Difficulties using
Structure of Intellect Program

Your life does not get better by chance
It gets better by change.

Dr. Shalini has helped a lot of individuals around the world, who are currently leading a great life.

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