Career counselling typically includes interests, skills and opportunities. Another dimension that can be added to this is the intellectual abilities. A large number of occupations have been analysed in terms of the SOI abilities neede to them. We obtain descriptions from government publications and then transcribe the tasks that they describe into abilities defined by the stucture of intellect. This produced a set of occupation profiles depicting the job requirements in Structure of Intellect terms.

The students who take up the SOI test have an opportunity to compare their profile of abilities with the occupational profiles that have been derived from SOI analysis. The comparison indicates how well their current profiles of abilities fits the profiles of their interests.

SOI Career counselling consists of two levels :
1. Level one comprises the skills and knowledge required for the occupation.
2. Level two comprises the learning abilities required to obtain those skills and knowledge.
As a consequence of this two step process, the student is able to develop some of the learning abilities, akills and knowledge to persue the career of thier choice.

Many in career path is deraited because of lack of knowledgeand guidance during thecruicial years of ones life, that is in high school and college. Using career assesment tools is a great way to help a student to begin theircareer exploration process. Each type of assesment provides insight about options which a student may or may not have considered. Some popular tool that we use are
2) Holland Codes
3) Strong Interest inventory
4) 16PF
5) Multiple Intelligence test(MIT)
6) Differential Aptitude Test

We guide the student in chosing the right stream after 10th standard. They can chose to study Humanities, Science or Commerce for their class 11th or 12th. In addition we guide them about different college both National and International that they can enroll in after their +2.

Guidance is also given vis-a-ves the exams the student needs to take, in order to get into a college of their choice. They are made aware of the forms that they need to fill in plus the deadlines they need to meet for the submission of the required forms.
For students applying for International colleges, i.e: USA, UK, HK, Singapore, Austria etc, complete guidance of filling up VISA forms, SATI, SAT Subject, ACT, LNAT, LSAT, BMAT, IECTS, TOEFL etc is given to the student. The students are also helped in writing their SOP’s too.

So in short, we help the student to make Global career choices. We have detailed guiding materials on :

LanguagesCompany SecretaryTechnology
JournalismCivil Services

- Study in Ivy League colleges
- Study in USA/ Application Process/ USA Tests.
- Study in UK/ Application Process/ UK Tests.
- Study in Australia/ Application Process
- Study in Hong Kong/ Application Process

~ Dr. Shalini Dhadwal