Mindfulness is a technique when our minds, bodies, breath and environment are in balance. It gives us a chance to make the right choices, we respond instead of acting. By paying attention to body sensations we are able to connnect to ourselves and our actions become concious choices.

With Mindfulness we stop judging ourselves (credible, are not oppressed by our own feelings and thoughts. This powerful technique helps us to understand how our mind and body relate to each other. It helps us reduce stress, lowers heart rate, stabilizes blood pressur, better peaceful sleep, beneficial to our chronic pain, improved learning ability and memory, Increased emotional stabilityantidote for Depression Anxiety, decrease irritibality and moodness, raised self aware. Mindfulness is being used in all major hospital to keep psychiatric patients.

We also provide the following Video sessions on Mindfulness :

1. Becoming friends with ones own self
2. Experiencing Stillness
3. Letting go of anxiety
4. Mental Vacation
5. Positive Breathing
6. Relaxing your mind
7. Ancher winds
8. Mindful body sean
9. Breathing Awareness.

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~ Dr. Shalini Dhadwal