Learning Difficulties using SOI Program

SOI system was developed by Mary Meeker, a student of J.P. Guliford, a renowned psychometrician who specialized in understanding human intelligence. SOI is a system of assessments and training materials that develops intellectual abilities. We equip students with the necessary intellectual skills to learn subject matter, do analytical thinking, become more creative and learning how to learn.

SOI has developed diagnostic tests and programs to meet the thinking, reasoning and intellectual needs of the students. Those who have used SOI tests and training materials have reported higher achievement, successful school experiences, and improved self concepts.

Structure of Intellect Program follows :
1. Assessment : The SOI test will identify the students learning abilities. The tests are appropriate for ages 5 through adult.
2. Diagnosis : An analysis is generated based on the students test scores. It profiles cognition, evaluation, memory, creativity and problem solving.
3. Treatment : Personalized training materials in form of paper and pencil and/or computer are available based on the student's test results. Average to higher abilities are further strengthened.

So we no longer need to passively accept that a child is forgetful, careless and we cannot help to improve his capacity for learning.

~ Dr. Shalini Dhadwal